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Top 5 Tips for Losing Your Cat’s Weight

You’ve known for a long time that your cat is overweight. She probably isn’t interested in moving around much, which is why she’s always sitting in the same place. But you want to help her lose some of that weight. You want her to be healthier and feel better overall. You want some tips for losing your cat’s weight. You want her to live longer, too! So how do you go about it?

The cat obesity epidemic is getting worse and worse. It’s a severe problem and one that’s almost always the fault of the owner. Cats have always been known to be sedentary. Still, the rise of cat obesity may be related to a lack of physical activity in the owner as much as in the cat. If you’re worried about your cat’s weight, here are some easy tips for losing your cat’s weight.

Hide your cat’s meals

Hiding the next meal of your cat is an important key for getting your cat to burn calories. If your cat is too lazy to play, try hiding her food around the house at mealtime. Get an extra-fluffy kitty with this purr-fect tip. Hiding your cat’s food will get her moving. Because she’ll have to hunt for her grub, she’s more likely to work off the calories she eats. She probably wouldn’t chase after a toy mouse if a treat was sitting right next to it. But surprise her with one of her meals on top of the fridge, and voila! There’s no better way to get a kitty fit than with a little bit of exercise.”

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Go for a walk with your cat

Can’t get your cat to lose weight? Just bring your cat for a walk! Your cat will burn calories, and it just might be enough to get some of the extra pounds off. If you laugh at this tip, then let me also suggest some cheaper options.

These include placing obstacles on your cat’s path when he tries to jump up onto the table or counter. You can place a giant litter box in a doorway where he likes to hang out. Scatter his dry food out over grass placed inside an old carpet and string up a kitty hammock using plastic bags.

Play with your cat

There’s nothing like the fun of playtime with your cat to add interest and variety to a weight-loss program. A minimum of a single thirty-minute session per day is essential for keeping the sensitive muscles in the hips and legs toned. Start slowly with a short session, then gradually add more time over the next few weeks. A very jolly method is to take a laser pointer or toy fishing pole and get your cat moving for the best weight loss method for cats. It will surely be one of the best tips for losing your cat’s weight.

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Ask your vet for advice

You should go to your vet and ask him/her to get your cat back to a healthier, leaner weight. For example, did you know that canned food is less healthy than dry food? As an obese cat ages, there are risk factors that need to be discussed with the vet. Take the time now to give your cat the healthy life she deserves. If the vet showing the signs that your cat is sick then you should definitely take some steps for it.

tips for losing your cat's weight
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Spread your cat’s meal: Great tip for losing your cat’s weight

Eating five times a day can be a challenge for your cat, who might be used to one or two big meals, but spreading out her meal times helps keep her satiated and reduces the amount she eats during each feeding. This way, she won’t be as likely to beg you for food all day long.

If your cat has issues with excess weight, you might be tempted to change her diet. But if she’s accustomed to a portion of food she loves, making the switch can be challenging—especially if you give her free access to her regular food. To avoid any stress, reduce the amount of her usual food and then use this technique for spreading out meals and increasing satiety.

Automatic feeders can help your cat lose weight

Without automatic feeders and treat balls, cats tend to eat faster and are likely to eat more. Weight management concerns can occur with “free choice” feeding where there is no schedule for feeding or on-demand feeding in which the cat’s bowl is refilled at will. Feeding on a program helps keep your cat from gaining weight. Automatic feeders and food puzzle toys add excitement for your cat. At the same time, they eat, encouraging them to slow down their eating.

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Finally, you should know that maintaining weight is a long-term process. It’s not something that will happen overnight, so don’t be discouraged if you hit a plateau. Just push through, and you’ll be well on your way to success! Whether you adopted a new pet or you’re trying to help a current one lose weight, these tips will help you meet your goal without any trouble. You can help your cat lose weight, but it’s going to take some patience and persistence!

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