Things cats hate about you

7 Things Cats Hate About You: Bad Habits and How to Change Them

Cats are wonderful companions — affectionate, playful, and curious. If you own a cat, you know that they are almost always around. They try to observe your movements to understand what’s going through your head. There may be some things cats hate about you and are not expressing right now. And if you think cats can’t talk, try asking them how they feel about you!

Whether you have a tiny kitten or an adult, there are some things that cats absolutely hate about their owners. These aren’t hard-and-fast rules, of course—most cats are just fine with their humans, regardless of what they do.

Still, it’s always good to know how our actions affect our feline friends, so you can make adjustments where needed. So here are seven things that cats hate about us—and some suggestions on how we can change our behavior for the better.

Cats hate you when you spoil their sleep

Cats don’t like it when you spoil their sleep. They also don’t like being petted or snuggled and so if you are going to pet them, make sure you give them time before doing so to get used to it. When you first bring a cat home, it may be easy enough just to let them do what they want regardless of what you tell them. It is one of the most significant things cats hate about you.

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Cats hate it when you make a lot of noise.

Cats hate it when you make a lot of noise. That’s because they enjoy quiet times. So if you want your cat to feel comfortable and confident, avoid loud interactions whenever possible. Similarly, avoid making too much noise when cooking with gas or electric heating elements such as a toaster oven or range.

Cats are easily affected by noise. This is why if you want to keep your cat happy, make sure it can go about without being disturbed by any loud noises in the house.

Cats love a peaceful environment and hate it when you make a lot of noise. That’s why it’s essential to keep the volume down when watching your favorite show, blasting music, or yelling at your friends on the phone. If you get distracted and the noise gets too loud, your cat will startle.

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Cats hate it when you pet them the wrong way

If you’ve ever got a chance to pet a cat, you may have experienced how unpleasant it is for them to be petted by a human being who is not of their type. Whether it’s because they’re intimidated or just simply afraid of people, felines react with hostility toward humans who approach them in an inappropriately friendly way. You should also know the techniques to calm down an angry cat.

Each cat is distinctive in the way it would like to be petted. As such, it is crucial to understand the differences between each cat’s innate feelings and what may make them push their limits when it comes to being petted. If you fail to do this, your cat will end up rejecting all social situations with humans even when offered the opportunity.

Cats hate about you leave them alone for long periods.

We’ve all heard the rumors about how cats hate it when their owners are away. It seems that cats go through a lot of stress when their owners are not around. Leaving your cat alone in the home for a long span of time is definitely going to lower the quality of your relationship with her.

In addition, leaving her alone adds up over time because she gets worried about you or feels threatened. This builds up until one day, she decides she doesn’t want to be around you anymore and starts undressing in preparation for a fight.

When you put them in small spaces or in cages or carriers

Never put your cat in a cage or carrier unless it’s indispensable, like if you need to take them to the vet. Cats hate being confined like that, and they can get very anxious if they’re in a small space for too long. Cats don’t like cages. They want to be free, so you must give them plenty of room; otherwise, your cats hate you.

If you try to fit them into a small space, they will scratch and bite at your furniture or try to bite through your keyboard cable. If you place your puffy meow in a bag or any carrier, then put the cage in the corner, you are putting your cat in an environment where they will feel threatened by other cats while you are not. This is because they start developing a fear of certain situations and objects as they learn to deal with the dangers of their environments.

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Giving medicine is one of the things cats hate about you

Giving your cats medicine is one of the few things cat hate about you. Although cats don’t seem to understand why you’re bringing them something, they definitely know how it feels when you grab their treat.

Sometimes your cat shows the signs of sickness and you want to give them medicine, it may not matter what type of medicine it is or how it was delivered, as long as it’s fresh and out of the bin. Most cats will run away (or try to attack) if they sense something terrible about it. Still, some will actually come back for more after you give them some medicine they like.

Cats Hate Competition From Other Cats

Most cats are genetically programmed to loathe any competition. If you have a cat, you know how much it can dominate any space. They’re also aware of how much other cats might be able to dominate them. If you allow your cat to get away with teasing and provoking other cats, you’ll soon find yourself on the butt of many cat jokes.

They compete for resources, space, and mates. They will fight to the death over another cat. And they have quite a few ways of expressing their feelings without resorting to violence. Cats don’t like others trying to take away their domestic turf. So all cats (and dogs) should avoid standing in the way of others’ opportunities for bettering themselves.

Final words

Cats are like people in that different personalities lead to different reactions and preferences. For example, your cat may love you no matter what you do, or he might need a little extra attention and affection if you’re not doing something right. You may have to seek the important things cats hate about you and seek the most viable solution to make them trust you. This guide is meant to help you better understand your cat’s needs and help you be a better friend to them!

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