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5 best cat breeds for kids you must know

The most popular question I get asked by adults and children alike is what are the best cat breeds for kids. The truth is that there is no one right answer. Each child responds differently to his or her environment, thus affecting his or her desire and need for a cat at a certain age. More than a few cat species can make terrific pets, but determining which ones are the best can be complicated.

How do you decide which ones are best for your kiddos? Excellent question! We are here to help. I have decided to write this blog because there may be some children out there who feel that there is a certain type of cat better suited for their needs and are as follows:

Abyssinian cats

Abyssinians make great pets because they are intelligent and curious. They love to play around the house and will not hesitate to jump up and down on strangers or furniture. They are also very affectionate and loyal to their owner.

The personality of this breed makes them a great choice for babies because they are easily distracted by toys and will not give up control even when frustrated. In addition, their large heads and wide-set eyes give them an air of super-human intelligence that might help them accomplish some tasks. So I can say it is one of the best cat breeds for kids and your babies would love to play with them.

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Ragdoll cats are also one of the best cat breeds for kids

Ragdolls have distinctive coloring and look. They could be white, cream or silver with some points on the face and tail. They are slower-paced, relaxed cats who like to cuddle. They have muscular boning that allows them to make a giant comfy pillow. Kids love to cuddle these Ragdolls as they hug them like a toy.

Ragdolls love to be held like a baby and carried in your arms. There are no other cats as sweet and mellow in nature as these felines. They love their families, having lots of physical interaction. The Ragdoll cat likes being petted for hours on end. Having said that ragdoll cats are also one of the best cat breeds for kids you must have for your child.

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Maine Coon cats are also great buddies

Crazy, friendly, playful, and large—the Maine Coon domesticated cat is a great companion for children, and they absolutely adore their caregivers. This feline is known to chirp like birds instead of the typical “meowing” sound. It will keep your kids entertained with its huge personalities. Plus, they are highly fascinated with water.  These playful cats love to play fetch, which will keep your kids entertained in no time.

Maine Coons are large and loving. With a quiet and mellow disposition, Maine Coons just want to be near their family. They love human attention and are very affectionate. Just give them what they want by inviting the kids over for playdates!

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Persian cats

Get a baby Persian to join your family at home. This breed of cats is exceptionally friendly and makes a great pet for children. Persians are known for their distinctive round faces and woolly coats, which come in a large variety of colors and patterns. Available with or without long hair, this breed is suited for just about any lifestyle. Persians are well suited to families with children and other pets due to their unique personalities.

A Persian cat is one of the best cat breeds for kids
Image by damien666 from Pixabay

Siamese cats are also a great choice

For families with children, Siamese cats can provide a very welcome addition to the family. They are curious, active, and quite happy to play with the kids for hours on end, which is why many parents have made them the perfect pets for their growing families. Many Siamese cats are highly devoted to their owners, too, so you can be sure that when you bring an attractive fur ball home, he will quickly take a liking to your kids and step up to become the best friend they could ever hope for.

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Image by Andreas Lischka from Pixabay


There are many breeds of pets for children, but there are only a couple of options that come to mind when it comes to feline companionship. Well, if you are looking for something new to add to your family, then you have come to the right place. These are the best cat breeds for kids that will leave their siblings in awe.

Some may get overly friendly and get into trouble if kept in the home alone. Others may get too loud and disruptive. To have a happy and healthy child, you need to have a flexible and firm policy concerning your cat.

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