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Puffy Meows founded by Dr. Muhammad Musa Mubashar has a mission to provide you the each and every stuff regarding the cats. From the behavior of cats, to everything about their health, Puffy meows are always here to help you in every aspect of cat’s life.

Dr. Muhammad Musa Mubashar who is the founder of this Website is a professional Veterinarian. He knows what is better for the cat’s in terms of their daily usage items to their health. Our mission is to bring the latest and most advanced Information about cats. He is also the founder of a blogging Website named NovicX.

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All the products that you see on our site are highly researched by Professionals and experts, all these items are checked by some professionals and then we present these in front of you. Our mission is to provide our readers the best possible products for their cats, either it is a cat bed or any kind of cat food. Our objective is always to deliver the best information of all the cat products.

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Regarding the informational articles and daily cat news, we try our best to find the interesting and helpful for our readers. In this way, our readers must learn something new about their cats and their health when they finished reading any article from Puffy meows.

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