reasons why cats lick you

5 interesting reasons why cats lick you

Ever wonder why your kitty licks your face? Did you know that a cat’s tongue is similar to a human tongue, only longer and with more taste buds? Oh, we forgot to mention one other important fact: it feels really gross! But if it weren’t for these malleable spines, cats wouldn’t be able to clean themselves. There are a number of reasons why cats lick you and how to stop them if you does not like them licking you.

litter train a stray cat

How to litter train a stray cat: An interesting guide for litter training a stray cat in 2021

Cats are always lovable creatures; either they are domesticated or feral ones. But there is a probability people find stray cats harder to train as compared to the tame ones. If you adopt the stray kittens and teach all the valuable and important things in domesticated cats, it would be a vast play for you, and you need to litter train a stray cat if you find one.

best cat breeds for kids

5 best cat breeds for kids you must know

The most popular question I get asked by adults and children alike is what are the best cat breeds for kids. The truth is that there is no one right answer. Each child responds differently to his or her environment, thus affecting his or her desire and need for a cat at a certain age. How do you decide which ones are best for your kiddos? Excellent question! We are here to help.

Gaining your cat's trust

Tips for Gaining Your Cat’s Trust: 5 things you know for Getting Your Kitty to Fall in Love With You

If you have a cat, you know how important it is to show them how much you care. One of the easiest ways is by literally giving them what they want. When they see something they like, they will trust you and come right back for more. It doesn’t take much to gain your cat’s trust, especially if you are showing them affection regularly. So gaining your cat’s trust is very important.